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Every number £5/month with the Basic Package

We have designed a pricing system which adapts perfectly to all our customers' needs. We provide a range of services and utilities for free with our numbers to ensure an optimal experience when using our services, even for the most simple scenarios.

If you require more advanced telephony services you can always upgrade your numbers. Telecom2 has established a simple and flexible price policy to cover all these scenarios and it has been devised around three different pillars:


Quality of a Number

The quality of a number is determined by its memorability. This is a grade based on the recognition of different patterns in the number. The highest memorability of a number can help to position your business substantially better.

In Telecom2 we use a specially written algorithm to rank our numbers in four categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Our Bronze numbers are free, other qualities have a one-off charge.





Rental fees

Depending on the number of services you want and therefore the service package purchased with the number, a monthly rental fee is usually associated with it.

Basic Package - £5/month

Premium Package - £15/month

What do the packages include?

Your revenue and Phone-paid Services Authority

We have a variety of numbers that will generate you a revenue. These revenues range from £0.0036 per minute to £4.25 per call. The number types which generate revenue also vary and depend on the purpose of your number. To find the number you need according to a specific revenue or caller cost, you can use the Cost/Revenue tab in our Number Search Tool in the number section.

Payments to the customer from Telecom2 are usually made between 35 to 45 days after the end of the calendar month in which the service was provided.

As with all Premium Rate numbers, no matter the carrier, you will need to be registered with Phone-paid Services Authority in order to use these numbers. Please, visit their website for further details.


Some of the telephony services that we provide result in the forwarding of calls, which brings an associated outbound call. This happens for example in the standard call forwarding service, where you can forward your calls to any number in the world, mobile or landline. To know more about call forwarding tariffs check our rates in the dropdown menu below. For the UK the cost of forwarding the calls is 6.5 pence per minute for mobile phones and 2 pence per minute for landlines.

To pay for the cost of these outbound calls we have a flexible prepayment system which allows you to top up your forwarding credit at any time from our website.

If you have any questions about our pricing policy, feel free to get in touch.

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