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Geographic numbers (also referred to as fixed or landline numbers) all start with an 01 or an 02 and are able to receive calls from international and national callers. The first 4 to 7 digits refer to the area of the UK they represent (e.g. 01512 is a Liverpool number, 0207 and 0208 are London numbers) but you can use them to give yourself a specific local footprint wherever you are based.


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Why choose 01 numbers?

Getting a local geographic number anywhere is easy, and allows you to target your business to specific areas. These numbers cost the same as a normal UK landline number, and can be routed to your current phone number anywhere in the world.

  • Create a local presence in any UK region.
  • Choose from millions of numbers.
  • Calls charged at the same rate as any UK landline number.
  • Every T2 number includes free Voicemail, PlayFile, Fax-to-email, and Call forwarding services, as well as comprehensive call stats.

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