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Personal or Follow-Me numbers can be used to ‘screen’ a call to mobile or landline. Calls to an 070 number can be charged on a variety or tariffs and easily switched between end-users. Their flexibility have made them increasingly popular with classified advertisers; the advertiser has an alternative to publishing personal numbers and the advertising platform a new revenue stream.

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Why choose 070 numbers?

Personal numbers are 'virtual numbers', meaning they are not attached to a physical location. This means you can forward them to any sip, landline or mobile destination.

  • Instant activation - Buy your number and you'll be up and running in no time.
  • No need for a phone line, so no additional line rental costs.
  • Change where your number is forwarded any time, online and free of charge.
  • Every T2 number includes free Voicemail, PlayFile, Fax-to-email, and Call forwarding services, as well as comprehensive call stats.

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