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Satisfied customers

  1. Leading UK call centre
  2. Premiership football club
  3. One of the world's largest online marketplaces
  4. VeriMe welcomes e-cig company Vapester

Leading UK call centre

The Problem:

Communication infrastructure is key to the business but the current system is outdated and does not give the flexibility and functionality that the client requires.

T2 Solution:

Our Apex telephony suite was deployed on-site to give the call centre a state-of-the-art solution. The VoIP-based business telephony manages all incoming and outgoing calls and allows detailed call management and on-the-fly flexibility. A future-proof solution with bespoke enhancements on a fibre connection exceeded the expectations of this customer.

They said...

"We wholeheartedly recommend Telecom2's APEX platform to anyone in need of bringing their infrastructure into the 21st century. We were particularly impressed by the way they project managed everything from start to finish, from analysis of phone bills, cost savings and benefits through to purchase, delivery, training and keeping us informed at every stage."


Premiership football club

The Problem:

Telecommunications infrastructure has become outdated and costly. Client requires increased interaction with fans.

T2 Solution:

We deployed Apex telephony on-site to give the club a state-of-the-art telecommunications solution. In addition T2’s interactive SMS solution gave the club an easy way to stay in contact with fans. Full training and support was provided throughout the process to ensure a smooth transition and optimal effectiveness.

They said...

"Telecom2 have really done a fabulous job for the football club not only doubling our revenues on inbound calls but also reducing our overall telephony costs significantly - I can wholeheartedly recommend them."

Club Co-owner

"Since engaging Telecom2 our expectations of telephony systems' efficiency have increased. From our initial meeting and subsequent consultations through to implementation it was clear these guys knew what they were doing, which put my mind at ease. They are technically brilliant and have developed a bespoke system that caters for all we need and more."

"We always get through when we call the support line and any issues are resolved promptly."

"I would not hesitate to recommend Telecom 2 to anyone looking for a robust and flexible phone system that has the ability to grow and mould to your business needs and requirements. In addition to this they are great people to work with!"

Club IT Manager


One of the world's largest online marketplaces

The Problem:

This client knew there were possibilities to enhance its classified offerings, both in terms of functionality and revenue generation, by integrating telephony with its web sites. What it did not know was the technical and legislative processes involved here in the UK.

T2 Solution:

Telecom2 presented a suite of telecoms applications, designed specifically to monetise and protect classified online content. We delivered API integration for the UK’s 070 personal numbering range into its classified listing sites, allowing different tariff ranges to be allocated, in real time, to different classified sections. The Telecom2 statistical web interface provides the client with real-time statistical information about call volumes, durations and geographical data. This is then overlaid with web analytics to identify category growth and consumer trends.

They said...

"Telecom 2 really opened our eyes to what was possible with modern telecoms technology. They are not only a creative and very competent technology partner, they have a real understanding of the marketing and commercial process."

"The 070 integration is the public face of our telecommunications infrastructure; there is a lot more going on internally thanks to Telecom2. Their solutions are not only adding to the bottom line, they also enable us to be one step ahead of the competition, both here in the UK and around the world."


VeriMe welcomes e-cig company Vapester

Telecom2’s innovative age verification solution VeriMe is delighted to welcome its first client in the UK e-cigarette sector, will now be able to accept debit card payments over the internet, safe in the knowledge that all its customers are 18 or over.

Vapester owner Mr Dempsey said, “ It’s simple, it’s secure it’s fast and it’s cost-effective – exactly what I wanted from an age verification solution. VeriMe integrated easily with my website and now I have the peace of mind that all my transactions are in line with Trading Standards code of practice for retailing e- cigarettes to those under the age of 18".
VeriMe, which was developed by Telecom2 is a simple and secure online adult age verification (AV) solution using the mobile phone. Unlike most other AV systems there are no cumbersome forms, no documents are required and the minimum personal details are divulged; all customers need is their mobile phone and verification can take place in a matter of moments.

VeriMe means you can now accept debit card payments with confidence; each verification check generates a detailed audit trail. In addition to its speed and simplicity VeriMe is by far the most cost-effective Age Verification method on the market..

VeriMe MD, Rudd Apsey, said...

"We are delighted welcome as a customer. VeriMe provides a reliable answer to anyone offering adult video content, tobacco, e cigarettes, alcohol or gambling online. It is also extremely cost-effective, meaning businesses can comply with new legislation whilst still maintaining margins."

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