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We’re your all-in-one telecommunications experts

Telecom2 is an all-in one, business to business telecommunications provider with an extensive portfolio of technology, products and services across the voice and mobile sectors. An on-going commitment to investment in new technologies ensures these products will meet your needs now, and in the future.

As a network operator, licensed and regulated by Ofcom and redundant over multiple sites, Telecom2 offers secure and stable solutions to all your telecommunication needs.

Our reputation is founded on a commitment to excellence that underpins everything we do, from product development to customer service, and we are wholly committed to building long-term client/partner relationships.

Company Values

  • To deliver excellent products and services, designed around our clients’ needs, that are flexible, future proofed and cost effective
  • To deliver high-end solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations
  • To invest in new and innovative technologies for the benefit of our clients
  • To provide the very best in customer service, build trust and long-term client/partner relationships
  • To offer employees a stimulating workplace culture, flexible work environment, and challenging, customer-focused work
  • To commit to a range of UK and international charities, sports clubs and independent ventures

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