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Billing Disputes Posted 28 Jul 2015 16:48:22

Industry is reviewing the Standard Interconnect Agreement. Telecom2 is taking part in the review and thought that this issue needed wider attention.

As part of the 2014 review of the Standard Interconnect agreement BT are proposing changes to the process for disputing interconnect invoices. These changes could cause serious harm to small and medium Terminating CPs.


Under the changes, dispute support data format will be formalised at a level that is too high to investigate the variances, alternatively the data will be formatted to match the invoice support data which, as admitted by BT, is sometimes at too high a level to reconcile.


Thresholds for retaining money would be completely withdrawn, allowing the billed CPs to retain any amount. If Industry insists that thresholds are retained they would be lowered and allowed to roll over so that when the aggregate of the disputes reaches the threshold the billed CP will be able to withhold the whole amount from the next payment.


If there are disputes every month for the same traffic the billed CP will have the right to bar calls to the ranges in question.


If a dispute is contested BT are asking for data to support the contest within a week, or two weeks depending on which document you read. This will often not be enough time


BT is keen to have time constraints on Billing CPs but won’t accept time constraints on billed CPs


BT is trying to have other issues, such as the format of Invoice Data included in the dispute process rather than in the correct part of the SIA.


If you are signed to the SIA and concerned about these proposals become involved in the SIA review process now.


For more information please contact info@telecom2.net

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