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New Release: ApexContact Posted 15 Sep 2015 16:29:56

Powerful yet beautifully simple

ApexContact is Telecom2’s powerful, yet beautifully simple, contact centre solution designed to promote effective and productive customer service activities seamlessly across multiple sites.


Built from the ground up by Telecom2, ApexContact works to unify and optimise the agent experience, allowing users to manage cases quickly and successfully.
ApexContact enhances the ApexOffice suite by offering unlimited queues, agents and IO lines1 . Agents can form part of one or many queues each with its independent priorities or be
part of a priority group to make management and mobility simpler.
Remote workers integrate seamlessly with office based agents allowing increases in demand to be met without the worry of physical space or capacity. ApexContact through its enhanced reporting facilities and real-time dashboards, allows agents, supervisors, administrators and ultimately business owners to extract critical information to an unrivalled degree of granularity.

The best part?

All of it available through a browser and accessible through any PC, SmartPhone or Tablet.

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