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New Release: ApexMulti Posted 15 Sep 2015 16:20:44

One solution for multiple businesses

ApexMulti is Telecom2’s value added reseller (VAR) solution delivering scalable, cost-effective and intelligent cloud-based business telephony to SME’s requiring anything from one to 1,000 seats.


ApexMulti offers all the features and functionality of ApexOffice, our outstanding, end-to-end, cloud-based PBX and ApexTalk, our proprietary smart phone application, enhanced to allow multiple client partitions on a single setup.

ApexMulti provides each tenant the power and flexibility of a bespoke system with its unique set of features whilst allowing a centralised control environment for landlords or administrators.
We built ApexMulti from the ground up and we are constantly improving it to ensure you will enjoy the best solution now, and for years to come. We will show you how ApexMulti can bring you and your tenants or customer immediate financial benefits then grow securely, smoothly and intelligently.

You’ll also discover out-of-the-box features and benefits you and your tenants never even knew you needed.
ApexMulti lets users manage their inbound and outbound telephony via a flexible admin interface that offers single click configuration and immediate updates


Why ApexMulti is ideal for your tenants?

Flexible billing. Move CAPEX to OPEX

As a landlord or administrator, you can choose what you bill each of your clients or tenants. With ApexMulti, small, but growing, businesses pay for exactly the service they require at  that particular time. There is no need for significant capital investment and no need for projections of future growth. Set-ups or partions start with just one extension and ApexMulti will grow with the business, seamlessly and securely. Whether they require one extension or a thousand, they will enjoy the same level of service and functionality with additional handsets arriving pre-configured1 for plug-and-play deployment.

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