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Maximise every call

Our Apex cloud- based solution sets the standard for call centre technology, offering business owners and managers unparalleled functionality and control over both inbound and outbound campaigns.

Traditionally, call centre solutions have been a necessary, but expensive, overhead but with our VoIP system this is no longer the case. We deliver the ultimate flexibility and control when you need it but without expensive hardware, support and maintenance costs.

As a future-proofed solution tailored to your business requirements, it future proofed and will evolve and grow with your business, adding new functionality and features along the way.

Supervisors get real-time access to management information statistics that detail abandoned calls, individual or group agents and queues, over which they have full operational control. Supervisors and agents get their own desktop interface to ensure they manage and control performance to maximise potential at all times. Apex Call Centre will give you all the functionality you demand…and then some.


  • Powerful web-based platform
  • Intuitive & user friendly interface
  • Dynamic & feature-rich
  • Detailed & intelligent reporting for both supervisors & agents
  • Intelligent skills-based routing
  • Remote access from portable devices

Key Features

Advanced automatic call distribution queues

Full queue statistical reporting and monitoring

Local and remote agents

Real-time monitoring


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  • Advanced automatic call distribution queues
  • Call agents
  • Call snooping
  • Local and remote agents
  • Queue and agent statistics
  • Queue monitoring
  • Queue statistic with filtering capabilities
  • Queues call back
  • Queues operation times
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Skills-based routing
  • Call billing by extension
  • Online stats for inbound and outbound calls
  • Date/time configuration
  • Full CDR records
  • Full queue statistical reporting and monitoring
  • Administration via web interface
  • Auto configuration/provisioning of handsets
  • Role-based permissions
  • Agent desktop application
  • Supervisor desktop application


  • Improved productivity
  • Improved return on investment
  • Increased revenues
  • Reduced costs
  • Highly improved customer acquisition rates
  • Highly improved customer retention rates
  • Intelligent control & real-time data allows on-the-fly improvements
  • Full remote access & control from any device

APEX Business Solutions Suite

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