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Add value to advertising

Let Telecom2 create a secure environment for your customers, either online or in print, whilst offering you new ways to monetise your services. Our solution uses telecommunications technology to deliver exceptional service and intelligent control over all your transactions.

Our web-based platform allocates a secure phone number that cloaks the advertiser’s personal details and allows easy disconnection from the service once the item is sold or the advertising period comes to an end. All this can be done on-the-fly and, of course, we offer detailed statistics, giving you an unprecedented insight into trends, response rates and individual advertisers.


  • Full range of personal numbers & tariffs
  • Security for you and your customers
  • Web-based interface for manual allocation
  • API for automatic allocation & routing
  • Transparent management information statistics including real-time revenues generated


  • Creation of a new revenue stream
  • Secure customer environment
  • Ease of use for the customer
  • Management information statistics allow real-time digest for all live products & services
  • Enhanced revenue protection
  • Reduced internal administration costs
  • Data collection for subsequent upsells
  • Opt out management control

APEX Business Solutions Suite

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118 018 - Affordable enquiries for the UK

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Telecom2's own 118 DQ service, call today and we'll connect you to any service you require, and for much less than competing services.

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