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Easy m-commerce by SMS

One in five smart phone users across Europe now access online retail sites and apps, an increase of 43% in just a year*. That figure is only going to rise so isn’t it about time you embraced this opportunity and attract new customers to your business?

Pay For Product is an unique solution that allows your customers to purchase physical products on their mobile phone using premium SMS message technology. Our web-based platform gives you intelligent control over pricing, ordering, order status, payment confirmation and fulfilment; it makes m-commerce a viable option for your business.

*comScore survey, October 2013


  • Web-based mobile payments platform
  • Ideal for print, online or mobile advertising
  • Real-time order status & gross revenues
  • Includes customer facing web-page displaying products, price and order process
  • Product link for your own web-site
  • Order search facility
  • Fully compliant
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  • Administration portal for content upload
  • Order management
  • Typo management
  • Product management
  • Reporting tool
  • Affiliate management


  • Increased & new revenues streams
  • Reduced costs through automation
  • Acquisition of customers who do not own, or choose not to use credit cards
  • Customer retention and upsells via Telecom2 SMS and customer interaction solution

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