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Accept payments safely and securely

Whether you are a start-up business looking for someone to handle your credit card payments or an established firm already generating thousands of transactions a day, the one thing you must demand from your payments partner is a secure and efficient processing solution.

Surf & Pay is Telecom2’s simple yet secure web-based credit card payment gateway solution. Our unique in-house admin portal delivers the intelligent reporting required to control your billing, be it one-off transactions, rolling subscriptions or a combination of both. We can also provide an effective analysis of your existing merchant services provider and offer significant savings on your current card processing charges.


  • Powerful web-based platform
  • Intuitive & user-friendly interface
  • Debit card & credit card processing
  • Detailed, intelligent reporting & monitoring of all transactions
  • PCI compliant
  • Specialist in-house team offering highest level of support and training

Key Features

One-off transactions or subscriptions

Manually create transactions

Subscription updates

Return URL for customer


See more features
  • Notification URL for merchant
  • Merchant logo/design branding
  • Asynchronous notifications via HTTP, JMS or email
  • Status secure code
  • Customer confirmation emails


  • Secure online transactions
  • Total control & flexibility
  • Cost savings & improved revenues
  • Increased customer acqusition
  • Enhanced customer retention
  • Future proofed & scalable
  • Meaningful management statistics

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