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You become the network

Looking to take your telecommunications business to the next level with bulk access to network services at wholesale rates? Telecom2 can make that happen.

Our virtual network carrier and number hosting solution offers you all the sophisticated infrastructure of a network operator so you can concentrate on running your business whilst we manage the switch behind the scenes.

Co-locate any hardware to our secure data centre and enjoy access to our first-class voice and data connections. You can also enjoy all the advantages of our excellent customer services & marketing team.

To the outside world (and particularly your clients) you ARE the network.


  • Your own number ranges hosted
  • Virtual network billing facility
  • Dynamic & feature-rich MIS
  • Full self-management access
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interfaces
  • Access to voice & data connections with our co-location data centre


  • Reduced costs & increased revenues
  • Fully managed services inc. number ordering
  • All the benefits of a network without the costs
  • Access to Telecom2 number ranges
  • Access to Telecom2 products and services
  • Access to white label products
  • Increased security & flexibility
  • Improved customer acquisition & retention rates
  • Access to customer services & marketing

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Telecom2's own 118 DQ service, call today and we'll connect you to any service you require, and for much less than competing services.
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