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SMS Introduction

As organisations strive to acquire and retain customers, the ability to create brand awareness and to engage and interact with them is vital.

Billions of SMS messages are sent and received each day, both across the UK and internationally. The humble text message is now a well-established and essential part of many marketing and communications strategies as well as a valuable revenue stream.

Whatever your business, you’ll discover Telecom2 has an SMS-based solution that’s perfect for you, whether you are looking for enhanced interaction with your customers or new commercial opportunities that utilise and converge traditional communication channels.

Bulk SMS

These are your traditional text message broadcasts to opted-in users, ideal for for marketing campaigns, notifications and alerts and are free to the recipient.

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Premium SMS

Premium Rate SMS services allow your customers to pay for content or services from their phone and are typically used for voting/polls, competitions, chat, tipster services, pay for content, micro billing and, more recently, charitable donations.

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Interactive SMS

Let us enhance your bulk sms broadcasts by adding functionality that allows the recipient to click to redirect to a web page or initiate a phonecall or an e-mail.

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Online SMS

Send SMS messages easily using our custom-built, online SMS tool. Whether it's individuals or mailing lists you need to contact, we offer free access to the tools you need for the job.

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